don draper / mad men

(my creative guru extraordinaire) provided me with this beacon of truth: “we are creative – the least important, most important thing there is.”

anne and her team bring you the latest from her wonderland

anne was an algebraic equation without a beginning or end until she met louise
anne-stylist + louise-illustrator
announcing the solution: stylist/anne + illustrator/louise =

anne and her team

anne chapin | location styling

how i work:

inspiration – let the sun shine in

sourcing – vintage farmhouse window

styling – i found the window, and daniel frisch architecture gave it a home

i’ve worked with the school of american ballet at lincoln center, cirque de soleil, the hotchkiss school, goldman sachs, ubs, post advisory group and many others

my sourced and curated treasures have found their forever homes across the universe (literally)

elle's walking the walk

swag bag provided by anne, elle did the rest

can't get enough of don draper's wisdom

“nostalgia … delicate but potent, more powerful than memory, it’s a twinge in your heart. it goes back, forward to a place we ache to go again.”

party boy

party girl

beautiful woman and baby


luna garcia with baby elle –
accessorized with sparkly fair hat


 find items so iconic they have a soul – 
your wish is my command


accent styling in remodeled farmhouse for incomparable talent, architect dan frisch –

creative copy

choose your words well
it’s all in a good delivery


you say prom – i say colored wigs –
and disney fairies

for your event

if you’ve been to a show and bought one of these – then you’ve already seen my work

gift giving

god bless the child who learns early in life that tom’s footwear is essential, even on the way to camp  @lunathunder

hangin’ with my ‘homies’ … and it’s true … cows just want to have fun