i own this style

"i am able to see what the client is seeing in their mind and understand what they are going for even when they are unable to describe it. i take the ideas that the client is thinking and add what they could have never envisioned."

you’re in my world now

i’ll figure it out - my creative philosophy adheres to very few conventional rules:

• original in the ordinary
• there is beauty in flaws, so make mistakes
• live outside the lines and walk a little crooked

the stuff i'm made of

it’s not tom’s best picture

bring a professional in to do it right

always style to show logo – from the start to the finish

you can’t take the country out of this girl

hanging with the cool kids – @karenfairchild

out of the spotlight – where i like it

classic black & white – my go to favorite

braids by erin @b.hivehair

styled for game day – styled for cold

in the locker room

before the aisle

after the aisle

cherish old friends

helping grandsons strutt their buzz

creative chaos with grandsons

stylist services

“fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live … ”    – coco chanel 

red carpet styling with a cause

recycled garbage bag turkeys

bring your own toys to a wedding

beautiful client alicia zalka + butterfly cardigan = picture perfect gardening

when in doubt give a cat a teepee – black magic woman (eleanor garcia) approves

meet ‘marigold’ – mackenzie’s party perfect coat


a life of collecting and gracefully letting go 

these are a few of my favorite things

… couldn’t get away too soon

barbie is my muse

hard for you to find okayama garden dress

a gift from my fairy godmother

pretty little things